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Puisi Marshanda - You Used Me
Puisi Marshanda - You Used Me

Puisi Marshanda - You Used Me

You used me
Oh, you used me

As a silent stupid doll
You put on your small fake stage

You got the best of me
While stupidly, I kept letting you make a fool out of me

How could I be so stupid
I thought I was good in loving myself

Now I see
It's easy for you to play hero and tell the world about it

For you I was an easy target
Cos I tore down my armor
And let you grab my heart and drain the life out of it

How could you be so evil
How could I see you as an angel

Foolish of me
What a fool I was
Foolish of me

Now I am moving on
And you'll keep going down
Spiralling down as a true monster in a face of an angel
While i'll shine cos i'm going for the stars

You'll keep playing fake
While i'll spread love
Cos of the strength of my honesty

Now it's my time to close the book
You got me.
Im hurt.
Yes finally i've opened my eyes.

I'm meant for the world's greatness
You deserve no place in it.
You got no place at all in it.

Pity you fake angel
Pity you true loser

Now you got none of my heart
You got none of my heart.
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